About Jyothirgamayee Foundation

    Jyothirgamayee is one of the country’s emerging Adolescent-focused Humanitarian Organizations. With over 3 decades of experience in Children’s wellbeing, we employ effective, efficient, multi-sectoral community involvement to rehabilitate, rejuvenate and empower the vulnerable period of childhood-the Adolescence in schools, detention homes and communities. We serve all adolescent children regardless of religion, race, gender or ethnicity.

    Jyothirgamayee Foundation extends its services to all Adolescents in India and their families in partnership with Governments, Communities, Individual Donors and Corporates. It believes that, together we can build a better future for adolescents, to transform them to fit well into the society as responsible and committed citizens.


Why Choose Jyothirgamayee?

     We are one of the emerging Wellbeing Solutions providers in Karnataka; providing services since 2013.  With our expansive knowledge, we understand what it takes to build engaging, cost-effective and sustainable well being programmes that transform lives.

       Jyothirgamayee Foundation conducts the complete range of well-being training sessions for Schools and Colleges, Detention and reformation centers. The awareness of Adolescent wellbeing is extended to Publics, Custodians, Parents and Teachers regarding holistic wellbeing, Optimum nutrition, safety and supportive environment, Counselling and Referral services, learning and competence building skills and Child Rights. 

    Jyothirgamayee Foundation also collaborates its activities with International, National and Local Child Welfare Organizations from Government and Non-Government sectors.

Board of Directors


Mrs. Antonia Pushparaj

Founder & President

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary


Mr. C T Parameshwarappa

Vice President

A law graduate from Bangalore University, Advocate with 17 years experience, mentored under the outstanding leadership of Justice G.Narendar as a junior advocate. His quest for legal research and compassion for vulnerable sections, especially children, is noteworthy.


Mr. Thomas P


A Post Graduate from Kuvempu University in Mass Communication & Journalism, having more than 17 years of experience in Press and Visual Media. His concern for social justice and human rights concerning dignified living conditions and clean Bangalore is outstanding.

Our Advisory Board

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