Our Philosophy

At Jyothirgamayee, we believe that every individual has an innate capability to,

Cultivate a passion for mission in oneself and others on a collective vision.

Create opportunities for all voices to be heard and valued in an environment of mutual trust and confidentiality.

Strengthen the workforce through continuous learning and regular coaching, training, and mentoring.

Mindful and care for the well-being of oneself and others.

Encourage informed risk-taking and inspire curiosity, creativity, and innovation.

Make informed decisions, delegate authority, communicate the decision-making process and ensure timely actions between teams and customers.

Hold themselves, colleagues, and the team accountable for doing what they say they will do.


Our Ethos


Aims to provide and maintain a caring, safe and secure environment for all.


Promotes learner/s’ active involvement in creating a caring, respectful, facilitative, optimistic, and stimulating learning environment.


Reviews regularly the teaching resources and materials to meet individuals and organizations’ expectations and learning outcomes


Ensures that its services are rendered to adolescent children in the society by collaborating, coordinating, conducting, assisting, and supporting its services with Government and Non-Government Offices/Organizations

Our Vision

Jyothirgamayee Founation envisions a world where Adolescents are is motivated, inspired and equipped to realize the future they want.

Our Mission

Jyothirgamayee Foundation strives consciously to create an environment of respect, inclusion, support and guidance for adolescents irrespective of their ethnic, gender, racial, religious and socioeconomic diversity through collaboration with families, schools, reformatory services and youth serving organizations.


Our Values

Professional and ethical duty to keep the personal information of an Adolescent as private while respecting Human rights and Child/Adolescents’ Rights.

Indomitable human spirit to face the challenges of life with conviction is an inborn gift for everyone. Challenges transform road blocks into stepping stones.

Continuously striving to question, reason and learn novel, positive and inquisitive thing to evolve as an individual to embark changes in life with positivity.

Ascertained way of purposeful living to confirm and connect with society despite of challenges.

The commitment to orderly activities, exercises and regimens while being trained to cultivate good habits in the process of personal transformation.

Nobility and worthiness that everyone and everything deserves- being human in a respectful environment.


Our Models

Focuses on Human Strengths of Adaptation and Acceptance of Life by embracing Challenges as Opportunities to Thrive and Transform.

Scientifically proven Assessment Tools and Session Delivery by Industry Experts of Wellbeing.

Every individual has an inspiring story of Insights and Motivation. We use these powerful stories to change the ecosystem’s Narrative and Trajectory.

We believe in a soluton-based approach to solving chanllenges by incorporating the principles of human-centric, scientific approaches which revolves around a deep interest in understanding the people for whom we’re designing the services.

It is a network that connects us all; it is the networking that expands our worldview and creates opportunities for us all. The services rendered by Jyothirgamayee help to build networks, discover opportunities and create collaborations.

Leading with optimism improves our chances of leading a successful team. Focusing on everyone’s innate potential gives us more opportunities to leverage one’s unique talents.


Our Models