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Meaning and Origin of the Title:

asato ma sadgamaya | tamaso ma jyotirgamaya| mrtyor ma amrtamgamaya  ||

From what is not, lead me to what is; from darkness, lead me to light; from death, lead me to what is undying.

(BrihadaranyakaUpanisad I.3.28)

Significance of Jyoti (Light)

Jyoti-Light is the source of Life and all the energy! Light originates from Fire (Agni), the most sacred element. ‘The fires of life’ within us keep us going. A Lit Lamp-is a symbolism; it’s a way of invoking our own inner nature-be and being Light.

Light and brightness represent the positive, the good and all of the liveliness. That way, the presence of light or fire will ensure success. Light is the supreme tool for guidance and a means of communication. Lighting a lamp before a ceremony spreads divine grace and dispel darkness.

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