"The right to Love, Life and Liberty-It is Every Child’s Innate Right"

– Constitution of India

Our Goals

  • Reformation
  • Humanization
  • Recognition of the rights
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Preventive, Therapeutic, Rehabilitative and Restorative services
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Services Rendered

  • Observation Homes
  • Special Homes
  • Aftercare Hostels
  • Shelter Homes
  • Aftercare Homes: Adoption, Foster Care and Sponsored Care

SilverLine Reformatory Services


Health assessment and Screening Services, Health Information, Education and Communication


Awareness Campaigns on Child Protection and Child Rights in Schools, colleges, Social Media through dialogue with other Child Welfare Organizations and Child Rights Activists

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT programs are designed to help offenders change the patterns of behavior that led to criminal activity. These programs provide various forms of therapy to address rehabilitative needs, such as criminal thinking and anger management, if left unaddressed, can increase the likelihood of recidivism

Art in Corrections

Arts‑in‑Corrections programs focus on providing inmates with Fine Arts programs ranging from theatre to creative writing

Lifestyle Enhancement Programs

Stress Management, Human relationship, communication skills, Power of Empathy and compassion towards self, Yoga, meditation, religious discourses along with sports and cultural activities

SilverLine Encounter

The parent-Child re-integration Encounter focuses on arranging parental visits to observation homes/remand homes and Parent-Child interaction Training Program through Functional Family Therapy approach. It focuses on Community Involvement.

Employment Preparation and Vocational Training

These programs are undertaken as a coordinated efforts with Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations to prepare a delinquent for a dignified living which comprises of skill training, alternative learning, and certifications in vocational courses after assessing his/her Knowledge, Attitude and Skills.

Jyotirgamayee SilverLine Rhapsody-Annual Event

An Opportunity given to the Inmates to Radiate, Reconnect and Rise Above with unrestrained passion and enthusiasm

Counselling & Guidance services for Individuals and Groups

Guidance and Counselling is of a paramount importance to address the academic, vocational, personal and social needs of the children. Through this, the children are enabled to develop positive self-image and actualize their adjustment needs that leads them into the future with socially acceptable behaviour.

Referral services to Medical and Mental Health Specialists

Anyone can make a referral including a parent, wider family member, friend, doctor, teacher or health visitor. Professionals working with a child and family can make referrals, however, it is a voluntary service and professionals must obtain consent from the parent to make a referral

Academic education Programs and Literacy Campaigns

We join our hands with India’s campaign-Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, 2001 and Right to Education.  This service focuses on observing and celebrating National and international days of significance with respect to Child/Adolescent Welfare  with the aim of bringing awareness and empowerment.

Libraries in Delinquent homes

The purpose of the prison library is to provide recreation, support education, and help with the personal development of inmates. Foundation provides books/audio-visual materials in consultation with the Authorities supervision and permission. Our objective  is to  equip one library per year in Prisons/Observational homes.

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