Wellbeing Solutions


Adolescents need investment from the individuals and institutions around them to promote positive development, to bring clarity to this confusing stage of life span. Conscious deeds which build competence, confidence, connection, character, and caring will enable adolescents to holistic well-being. They will also enable them to cope with challenges they face and to use the opportunities that arise in their lives to bring out the best potentials.

At the family level, parents, siblings and care takers have a key role to play in creating a safe, trusting, nurturing environment for their optimum development.

At the community level, individuals in regular contact with adolescents can help to identify warning signs such as anxiety, sadness, and substance use and facilitate access to counselling and health services.

Schools can also play a key role in ensuring that adolescents receive well-being and life skills training, sexuality education, exercise and good nutrition, safety and security in public places. Prabuddhaa Integrated Wellbeing Academy renders these services.

Finally, addressing harmful and unequal gender norms and relationships that can impact adolescents’ current and future health is fundamental to positive development.