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MBA (Hosp.Mt), MBA(TQM), MSc (Nsg-Child Health), MA(Lit), PGDMLE(NLSIU), FISQua, MSc (Family Therapy and Counselling), MSc (Organization Psychology), Dip.Human Rights, Dip.Forensic Psychology and Social Justice, Course in Intellectual Humility, Positive Psychology, NLP and Life Coach.
With over three decades of multifaceted experience as a healthcare leader and social healthpruner, Antonia Pushparaj has dedicated her expertise towards fostering adolescent wellbeing through various NGO initiatives. As a seasoned administrator and strategist in healthcare quality and service excellence, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as a passionate trainer and mentor. Having conducted over 1000 training programs across hospitals, schools, and corporates throughout India, Antonia has honed her skills in nurturing leadership, resilience, and effective communication in healthcare settings. Her training modules are renowned for integrating motivational life stories and case studies, alongside methodologies such as Logotherapy, REBT, CBT, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Furthermore, she served as a Master Trainer for WHO-GFATM projects focusing on HIV/AIDS and Sukshema projects under the Government of Karnataka. Her commitment extends beyond training sessions to international and national conferences where she shares her insights as a speaker and coach-mentor. Beyond healthcare, Antonia leverages her extensive experience as a presenter on All India Radio and Doordarshan, captivating audiences with her discussions on Music, Children Welfare And Rights, Current Affairs, Literature, And Societal Issues. As a freelance writer and poetess, her pen illuminates topics surrounding environment, human rights, and Service to mankind. In her voluntary capacities, Antonia, actively contributes to organizations such as the International Human Right Commission's Special Monitoring Mission, serves as an Ambassador for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, and is a member of the People for Patient Safety Network under the World Health Organization. Through her unwavering dedication and holistic approach, she continues to advocate for the holistic wellbeing of adolescents, leaving an indelible mark on both healthcare and societal realms.