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A Plea To Donate for our cause

A Heartfelt invitation to make a Positive Difference

Jyothirgamayee Foundation is a non-profit organization. Your donation is eligible for tax exemption under 80G. 90% of all our expenses go to our programme services Jyothirgamayee Foundation has been working in India for the upliftment of marginalised and vulnerable Adolescents and Juvenile Delinquents. We render our services in Schools, Observation homes, Prisons, Families of Delinquents and Communities in collaboration with Government and other Non-Governmental Organizations.

Dear Esteemed Donor

Your kindness has the power to change lives. As you consider where to invest your compassion, we invite you to journey with us at Jyothirgamayee Foundation, a beacon of hope for the marginalized and vulnerable adolescents and juvenile delinquents in India.

Your Impact

With every donation, you become a lifeline for those in need. Your contribution to Jyothirgamayee Foundation not only offers hope but also tangible support to those who need it most. Rest assured, 90% of every rupee you give directly funds our program services, ensuring your generosity makes a meaningful impact.

Our Mission

For years, we have stood at the forefront of change, working tirelessly to uplift and empower the forgotten voices of our society. From schools to observation homes, prisons to families of delinquents, and communities, we extend our hand in collaboration with government and non-governmental organizations to bring about transformation.

Joining Hands for Change

In a world where every rupee counts, your donation becomes a catalyst for transformation. It paves the way for educational opportunities, counselling, and community initiatives that breathe hope into the hearts of those who have been marginalized and forgotten.

A Call to Action

Today, we humbly ask for your support. Your donation to Jyothirgamayee Foundation is more than just a financial contribution; it's a symbol of your belief in the inherent worth and potential of every individual, regardless of their circumstances.

Together, We Shine Brighter

As we walk this path together, know that your generosity lights the way for a brighter tomorrow. Thank you for considering Jyothirgamayee Foundation as your partner in spreading compassion, hope, and transformation for Our marginalized adolescents and juvenile delinquents in India and helping us create a brighter future for them.

Thank you for your Generosity and Empathy, With heartfelt Gratitude, Jyothirgamayee Foundation, India

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