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Jyotirgamayee Foundation’s Philosophy and Values are INSPIREd by Saptanga (7 Pillars) principles given by Guru Chanakya.
Grounded in Integrity, Nobility, Synergy, Pragmatism, Insightfulness, Resourcefulness, and Excellence. Our core values inspire and guide us as we Engage, Educate, and Empower our service seekers. Through our learning solutions, we are committed to serving them with dedication and innovation.


We aspire to exemplify integrity by consistently choosing what is right with honesty, adhering unwaveringly to professionalism, and upholding moral and ethical values in all endeavours we undertake.


We honour and nurture the profound roots of our vibrant Indian traditional education system, fostering the growth and realization of human potential with reverence, kindness, and understanding.


We advocate for cultivating an atmosphere of "Esprit de Corps," where collective goals are attained through teamwork and a shared sense of purpose, fostering unity and camaraderie within the organization.


We embrace a humanistic approach to education, recognizing that it nurtures the holistic development of children. Our learning methods prioritize hands-on experiences, practical applications, and active participation, reflecting our commitment to tangible outcomes and real-world relevance.


We reveal Children’s underlying attitudes, beliefs and motivation through an open-minded approach. We respectfully seek to understand why people think and behave in the ways that they do to alleviate ambiguity.


We uncover children's underlying attitudes, beliefs, and motivations through an open-minded approach, respectfully seeking to understand the reasons behind their thoughts and behaviours. By doing so, we aim to reduce ambiguity and foster clarity in our interactions and interventions.


We deeply value the foundational elements of people, process, product, and service excellence, dedicating ourselves to serving our clientele through innovation and an unwavering dedication to continual enhancement.


"We embark on a journey of exploration, where we learn and grow together. Through collaboration, we enhance our capabilities and evolve into our fullest potential. With unity and determination, we achieve our goals, hand in hand".