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Strives to create and uphold a nurturing, safe, and secure environment for all individuals while delivering services within organizations, schools, detention homes, and communities.

Encourages learners' active participation in fostering a caring, respectful, facilitative, positive, and stimulating learning environment.

Guarantees that its services reach marginalized segments of adolescent children within society through collaborative efforts with governmental and non-governmental entities. By coordinating, conducting, assisting, and supporting its initiatives, it ensures alignment with statutory obligations while fulfilling its social responsibility duties.

Proactively fosters connections and collaborations with the local community, engaging in ongoing dialogue, partnerships, and initiatives aimed at mutual benefit, community empowerment, and social impact.

Regularly evaluates teaching resources and materials to align with the expectations and learning outcomes of individuals and organizations, integrating empathic and human-centric principles.


Fostering adolescent growth through Empowerment, Healing, Equality, and Inclusivity by cultivating and nurturing connected, thriving communities where every child and family is supported and empowered to reach their full potential.


Jyothirgamayee strives to empower children and adolescents by offering comprehensive services in Health, Well-Being, Life Skills, And Leadership Development. Collaboratively, we dedicate ourselves to investing in the lives of young individuals, fostering a nurturing ecosystem where they can thrive through Empowerment, Education, and Enablement.