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Mental Health Academician
Counsellor and Therapist


MSc in Psychiatric Nursing, MA and MPhil in Sociology, MS in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Ph.D. Scholar
Professional Experience:
Ms. Suja Raj’s extensive experience, profound knowledge, and unwavering commitment to mental health and education make her an invaluable asset. Her contributions to training, counselling, and teaching have significantly impacted many lives, promoting mental well-being and academic excellence. Her ongoing dedication to research and professional development ensures she remains at the forefront of the field.
Mental Health Nurse Specialist, Academician, and Counselor (20+ years)
• Behavioral Monitoring and Psychological Testing: Expert in conducting thorough behavioral assessments and administering psychological tests.
• Rehabilitation Techniques: Skilled in applying rehabilitation techniques tailored to individual needs.
• Client Outcomes: Proven track record of achieving positive outcomes through individualized treatment plans.
• Client Interaction: Compassionate approach fostering a supportive environment for clients.
Academic Professor
• Lecturing and Teaching: Delivered lectures in mental health, psychology, sociology, and psychiatric nursing.
• Grading and Evaluation: Provided constructive feedback to enhance student learning.
• Quality Instruction: Contributed significantly to students’ academic growth.
• Research and Studies: Conducted extensive research contributing valuable insights to the academic community.
Contributions to Training and Counseling:
• Mentorship: Guided numerous nursing students through their academic and professional journeys..
• Counseling: Provided counseling services to students, promoting mental well-being.
• Workshops and Seminars: Organized workshops on mental health topics, equipping students with practical skills.
• Student Outcomes: Improved student performance and understanding of mental health issues.
Teaching Expertise:
• Curriculum Development: Designed and updated curricula incorporating the latest research and best practices.
• Interactive Learning: Engaged students through group discussions, case studies, and hands-on activities..
• Evaluation Methods: Implemented various methods to assess student understanding.
• Knowledge Dissemination: Conveyed complex concepts in an accessible manner.
Research and Publications:
• Research Studies: Conducted research on various mental health issues.
• Publications: Authored and co-authored research papers and articles in reputed journals.
• Conference Presentations: Presented research findings at national and international conferences.
Professional Skills:
• Behavioral Monitoring: Proficient in observing and interpreting client behavior.
• Psychological Testing: Skilled in administering and analysing psychological tests.
• Counseling: Expertise in providing therapeutic counselling.
• Rehabilitation: Knowledgeable in rehabilitation techniques.
• Academic Instruction: Ability to deliver engaging and informative lectures.
• Research: Strong skills in study design, data collection, and analysis.
Personal Attributes:
• Compassionate: Known for a caring and empathetic approach. • Understanding: Ability to address the unique needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds.
• Friendly: Maintains an approachable demeanour.
• Professional: Upholds high standards of professionalism.
Educational Background
• Ph.D. in Psychology (Health Psychology)
Christ University, 2018-2021 (Publication in process)
• M.Phil in Psychology (Health Psychology)
Jain University, 2016-2017
• M.Sc. in Applied Psychology
Annamalai University, 2009-2011
• M.Sc. in Mathematics
Ethiraj Women’s College, 2003
Educational Background
• Certification in Psychosexual Medicine
JSS Medical College, 2023-2024
• NLP Basic and Advanced
The Human Spirit Academy for Excellence, 2014
• Certification in Counselling and Psychology
Montford College, 2014-2015
• Participant, Council for Sexual Education and Parenthood International
Professional Development and Memberships
• All India Federation of Astrologers Society
• Publications: Multiple publications in the field of health psychology.
• Workshops and Seminars: Conducted numerous sessions on mental health, well-being, and art therapy.
Philosophical and Therapeutic Approach
• Buddhist Philosophy (Vajrayana Buddhism): Applying teachings to alleviate suffering and transform lives.
• Emotional Well-Being: Focusing on social-emotional skills and goal achievement.
• Holistic Healing: Emphasizing meditation, art, and therapeutic practices to foster mental and emotional health.