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Clinical Health Psychologist and

Profile Summary
A Clinical Health Psychologist dedicated to transforming health and well-being for couples and individuals, emphasizing mental health accessibility, awareness, and advocacy among the reproductive population. through innovative and compassionate approaches.. Passionate about justice, human ideologies, and behavioural well-being, Vijaya supports individuals in achieving their fullest potential through holistic and interdisciplinary approaches. She has certification in Trauma Therapy and Emotional Focused Therapy
Professional Experience
Clinical Health Psychologist, Apollo CM Fertility
February 2017 – Present
Clinical Health Psychologist, Morpheus IVF
November 2013 – May 2016
NGO Psychotherapist
2009 – 2011
Areas of Expertise
• Mental Health Advocacy and Accessibility: Focusing on the reproductive population.
• Art Therapy: Using art to facilitate psychological well-being.
• NLP Coaching: Training individuals in emotional and social skills.
• Meditation and Arhatic Yoga: Promoting creative and productive well-being.
• Behavioral Endocrinology Research: Specializing in reproductive medicine.
• Trauma-Informed Therapy: Specializing in emotionally focused therapy for trauma in fertility health.
• Psychosexual Medicine: Providing counseling and therapy for couples.
Artistic Pursuits
• Trained Artist: Samprathista School of Fine Arts under Mr. Venu Madhav Vodnala.
• Graphite Realism and Color Pencil Medium: Bringing images from mind to reality.
• Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT): Conducting workshops and art-based therapies.
Educational Background
• Ph.D. in Psychology (Health Psychology)
Christ University, 2018-2021 (Publication in process)
• M.Phil in Psychology (Health Psychology)
Jain University, 2016-2017
• M.Sc. in Applied Psychology
Annamalai University, 2009-2011
• M.Sc. in Mathematics
Ethiraj Women’s College, 2003
Educational Background
• Certification in Psychosexual Medicine
JSS Medical College, 2023-2024
• NLP Basic and Advanced
The Human Spirit Academy for Excellence, 2014
• Certification in Counselling and Psychology
Montford College, 2014-2015
• Participant, Council for Sexual Education and Parenthood International
Professional Development and Memberships
• All India Federation of Astrologers Society
• Publications: Multiple publications in the field of health psychology.
• Workshops and Seminars: Conducted numerous sessions on mental health, well-being, and art therapy.
Philosophical and Therapeutic Approach
• Buddhist Philosophy (Vajrayana Buddhism): Applying teachings to alleviate suffering and transform lives.
• Emotional Well-Being: Focusing on social-emotional skills and goal achievement.
• Holistic Healing: Emphasizing meditation, art, and therapeutic practices to foster mental and emotional health.