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Jennifer Tavares RN,RM, BSc(N),MSc(Psychology),PGD(Child Rights and Law-NLSIU), Certificate in Learning Disability (Spastic Society of India), International Dip. Counselling Skills (Banjara Hills)
Founder & Director of Pledge Academy- A Centre For Counselling, Special Education And Training For Women, Children And Adolescents; Board Member of Child First Foundation, Bangalore.
Specialized in counselling children with learning disabilities and ADHD and providing support to their parents. Has Conducted various specialized workshops and on Parenting, Building Emotional Intelligence, Building Resilience in Adults, Suicide Prevention, for parents, counsellors, teachers and special educators. As Pearson Qualified Cogmed Coach & Trainer in Bangalore imparting Cogmed coaching & training to address working memory constraints in children and adults, guiding in Career Decision Making. Part of Core Team headed by St John’s Research Institute, that developed content and training for Adolescence Education Program Plus – Building Wellbeing in Schools, A UNFPA funded project for the NVS under the NCERT (2014 till 2018). Assisting St John’s Research Institute in delivering BEING -Becoming Empowered in Nursing Growth- a programme on Sexuality and Gender funded by the Indian Council for Medical Research covering students of 15 colleges of nursing in Bangalore. (January 2017 till date). Assisted the Resource Department at Bethany High School, Bangalore to set up a unique programme for children with learning difficulties and ADHD where by the curriculum is adapted to suit their needs. (2015 till date). Set up a Resource Room at Sacred Heart Girls High School, and St Francis High School Bangalore in 2017 and 2021 respectively.