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Samashti-Referral services

Samashti aims to provide early, timely, and persistent interventions in medical, psychological, and behavioural domains through collaboration with medical and mental health institutes.
Our mission is to ensure that individuals receive the right interventions at the right time, facilitating their journey towards holistic well-being. By working closely with medical and mental health institutions, we strive to offer comprehensive support and resources to address diverse health and wellness needs.
Through our referral services, individuals can access a range of medical, psychological, and behavioural interventions tailored to their specific requirements. Whether it's medical treatment, therapy, counselling, or behavioural interventions, our goal is to facilitate timely access to high-quality care and support.
We recognize the importance of collaboration and partnership in delivering effective services. By forging strong partnerships with medical and mental health institutes, we can leverage their expertise and resources to ensure that individuals receive the best possible care and support.
Ultimately, our aim is to empower individuals to lead healthy, fulfilling lives by providing them with the early, timely, and right interventions they need to thrive. With our persistent efforts and collaborative approach, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.